Keep Families Together

I was a foster kid separated from my mother about the age 7,

I cried along time for my mother over time it got easier I was 12 before I gave up the hope that she was coming back for me..

The only trace of her that I have now as I am oonchin closer to 40 is the reflection of her face when I look in the mirror..

I have been thinking about all the kids separated from their parents over this immigration crap,

And the pain they must be feeling crying for their parents.

I know that there is a right and a wrong way to do things and going about things this way just seems wrong!



I love you till New Year’s

Personally I don’t prefer this time of the year. I think that people that you never see or rarely talk to decide to come out of the woodwork around October. And then checking on you  all the way around about Thanksgiving. Then December they’re like oh and this is what I want for Christmas. They linger till new year then fade out and the cycle begins again.

I’m not saying this is the intention of everyone,

But i think that being there consistently is what counts.

Happy Holidays

Love Locks

It’s much too late to have what I wish,

She makes me want everything and more , 

Even though I tried to close that door,

She seems to have every key to all my locks

There are no hidden parts,

Just when I think I figured it out I have no clue without a doubt!

Not In My Wildest Dreams

As a child laying in my bunk bed daydreaming about what my life would be like I never imagined that Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart would team up to do any sort of television show.
 What’s next the line of Martha Stewart’s “special” cookies?Life is full of surprises.

Although at this point nothing really surprises me.

Gender Bending

​I was born a girl,

I dressed like a boy,

 G i Joe was my favorite toy, 

I  once got a spanking for standing to pee,

I was just being me,

As I grew older  I hid my thoughts,

To make others happy just a facade,

It never seemed to matter what clothes I wore,

Something stuck in between a girl and a boy words like “it” still get me annoyed,

 My name is Kaye Kaye  I just want to be loved I don’t like lables nor do I wished to be judged,

Life is too short to let others choose your path

But I wouldn’t waste time doing the math!

Internal Dialogue #2

Wow food for thought ….

Coming Out Crooked

Walt Whitman once wrote, “I contain multitudes.”

One of his most poignant verses reminds us that we are never just one thing, and all the quirks, imperfections, and contradictions are par for the course. Never have I found anything to be more true.

These past 10 days have been full. Fuller than any other 10 in nearly as many years. I have been stung by old words, hurt by forgotten pain, challenged by new beliefs and blessed by the coming together of a Heavenly Ask.

One day, 10 days ago, I got down on my knees and cried. A deep, wrenching, private cry full of despair and anguish and hopelessness. I’ve cried this cry before. But this time it was different. My heart had finally hit the threshold of  weight it could carry and it was more than I believed it could bare. Suicide was more than a thought. I…

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I always considered my dad to be Superman.

He could build anything and fix anything and he was super tough.

When I was a kid he just seemed untouchable.

Now That I’m older I’m watching time become his Kryptonite. 

Now he’s at an age where he pays people to fix things he doesn’t build things anymore and he spends a lot of time playing solitary.

Watching time take its toll it’s not been a fun thing.

 But he will always be Superman to me.

It’s never too late to appreciate the people in your life that made you who you are today.

Who is Superman in your world?

It’s That Time Of Year 

It’s that time Of year where we start thinking about each other more than usual.

Not quite the holiday season but close enough that we start thinking about those who are far away.

What is it that makes us think about people more at this time of year than other times?

Have we really become so busy that we just don’t bother connecting with others till we have to?

Seems to me that it’s come to a point where we are buying gifts for people we only see twice a year Thanksgiving and Christmas,

I know it’s not that way for everyone but for a lot of people I believe that it’s true. 

What happened to Sunday dinners or game night ?

What about actually talking on the phone instead of texting three words.

I’m not blaming technology,

Technology is not at fault here but there is a serious lack of communication question is why?

I’m not saying life has to be like a 50’s t.v show,

But this text only world we’ve become seriously scares me.

What Can I Do?

At a time like this when the world seems to be going to  Hell in a handbasket.

I think to myself what can I do I’m only one person.

I was born with cerebral palsy I have physical limitations are pretty severe.

Not much that I can physically do,

But I’m able to write and I’m able to think and I’m able to put my thoughts down on paper in such a way that makes other people think too.

So what can I do? 

I can get the conversation going about what you can do to help the world.

 What’s your gift what can you do?

The little things matter most,

So Don’t count yourself out,

Count yourself in I’m right there next to you and if we all work together imagine what we can do to make this world a better place!