Here There And Everywhere

Recently I found myself wondering what the point of stressing out over things is.

Seems to me the outcome is the same if worry or not and yet I stress.

I hate it when people say relax as if that calms me,

It’s been said that there are pills that can be taken to “Reduce My Anxiety”.

I’m not going to pop a pill so I can be numb to the fact that the world we live in is in a super bad place right now.

Its a stressful time no matter who you are,

Are we going to drug the whole world to get peace and harmony?

I don’t think so.



Life Kraft

Do you see any person who is completely independent? Have you ever witnessed any natural phenomenon which is completely independent? Have you ever had an experience or any incident / occurrence which is completely independent and not linked to any other incident or chain of actions reactions? Have you ever found anything which is not linked to the other and is completely independent?

Surely, the answer is going to be NO. There’s nothing in this universe which is completely independent, that is caused by nothing and which results in nothing. Every single action, every single occurrence is linked to other as its cause effect. Linkage or connectivity or network is central to Universe. it is single unifying principle of existence. Can we safely say that Networking is lifeline of Universe? It is essential to our lives.

There’s nothing like a good or bad network, its up to us to make…

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Bye Felicia!

In the New Year I am hoping to cut away all things that bring me down.

Life is tricky enough without the added B.S

Of people who drag you down.

If you are happy with yourself that’s what matters.

If you’re surrounded by people who say things

That shirt doesn’t go with those shoes


Your face is looking fat”

Then it’s time to Say

No More Negativity!

Be happy in your own Skin.

If your friends don’t like the skin you’re in then cut them loose.

That’s my plan for the New Year!

What Penny Marshall Meant to Me

She will be missed

The Book Raven

Penny Marshall: 1943-2018

Penny Marshall played Laverne on the hit tv sit-com Laverne and Shirley. This is where I know her best from. As a kid I grew up watching this light hearted fun little show that brought me a lot of real joy.

Laverne for me was an icon. You saw her with that huge L on her chest and you knew to expect some great comedy. I spent my time growing up and laughing thanks to this show. It was one of those go to shows that my mom owned on DVD and replayed like no tomorrow.

Take two girls just navigating life and trying to find love with many a hiccup along the way and you get something great. I think about the story as a whole now and it’s all pretty simple, but the friendship and the family of the show is what makes it special…

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Not Dead Yet

I haven’t written in a very long time.

Back in March I left California,

It was getting too busy there and I need a slower pace.

I’m coming up on 37 in the spring and it is sort of freaking me out,

I have lost about 60 pounds and found hemp gummies to manage the pain of my Cerebral Palsy,

Which makes my mobility a tad better because it doesn’t hurt to move as much.

A few years ago I stopped going out because it was always hard to see people look at me like

“She used to walk better”,

I was living in the shadows of everything I used to be able to do…

Hello in your teens and early 20’s

You feel invincible,

Nothing pops, cracks or hurts.

You feel freaking awesome and your unaware of the pain that creeps up and swallows you once arthritis gets in joints you cant move well already.

But that’s neither here nor there I just couldn’t live up to my friends and families expectations anymore..

So I began to withdraw cut people out and stay to myself.

For a while I Blogged but then thought well everyone blogs.

After a long period of reflection here I am,

I’m not dead yet!

Twitter is my window to the world and I am happy with the view for now thanks for reading.✌

I love you till New Year’s

Personally I don’t prefer this time of the year. I think that people that you never see or rarely talk to decide to come out of the woodwork around October. And then checking on you  all the way around about Thanksgiving. Then December they’re like oh and this is what I want for Christmas. They linger till new year then fade out and the cycle begins again.

I’m not saying this is the intention of everyone,

But i think that being there consistently is what counts.

Happy Holidays

Love Locks

It’s much too late to have what I wish,

She makes me want everything and more , 

Even though I tried to close that door,

She seems to have every key to all my locks

There are no hidden parts,

Just when I think I figured it out I have no clue without a doubt!

Gender Bending

​I was born a girl,

I dressed like a boy,

 G i Joe was my favorite toy, 

I  once got a spanking for standing to pee,

I was just being me,

As I grew older  I hid my thoughts,

To make others happy just a facade,

It never seemed to matter what clothes I wore,

Something stuck in between a girl and a boy words like “it” still get me annoyed,

 My name is Kaye Kaye  I just want to be loved I don’t like lables nor do I wished to be judged,

Life is too short to let others choose your path

But I wouldn’t waste time doing the math!

Internal Dialogue #2

Wow food for thought ….

Coming Out Crooked

Walt Whitman once wrote, “I contain multitudes.”

One of his most poignant verses reminds us that we are never just one thing, and all the quirks, imperfections, and contradictions are par for the course. Never have I found anything to be more true.

These past 10 days have been full. Fuller than any other 10 in nearly as many years. I have been stung by old words, hurt by forgotten pain, challenged by new beliefs and blessed by the coming together of a Heavenly Ask.

One day, 10 days ago, I got down on my knees and cried. A deep, wrenching, private cry full of despair and anguish and hopelessness. I’ve cried this cry before. But this time it was different. My heart had finally hit the threshold of  weight it could carry and it was more than I believed it could bare. Suicide was more than a thought. I…

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